How It All Started

In 2016, my 3 year old son saw a video online of LegoLand in California, and begged me to take him.  This was not an option at the time for me financially, so to make some extra income, I signed up for tradeshows/market fairs throughout Regina and surrounding area in an attempt to sell bath bombs.  I had been making bath bombs for myself for years, but previously selling them was never a thought.  The things we do for our children is truly incredible.  To make a long story short....a few months later and a lot of hard work, we made it to California! 

Over the next two years I watched  an opportunity take shape to make a career doing what I absolutely loved to do.  Imagine, a life built around doing what you actually love?  The rest is a whirlwind. So many amazing things started to happen around me, my hobby had turned into a real job! I actually had regular customers, and they  were following me on social media.  This made my entrepreneur heart jump with excitement, making extra income, meeting so many amazing people and building so many relationships.  

The opportunities in my mind started to flow, and have  blossomed into a handmade store. This hand makers dream of having a store front one day has come true, and not only for myself. It is a space where handmade artisans can join as a community and get their products into the hands of those who will truly value them.


Who We Are 

We are hand makers located at the heart of Regina, Saskatchewan, in the beautiful Cathedral Village.  With These Hands is the premier home for handmade goods in Southern Saskatchewan. We are a community of artisans, gathered from across Saskatchewan and the world who are proud to bring their products to you. With each of these hand-makers you will find heart and passion within their work. 


With These Hands will host a wide variety of makers from jewelry, paintings, crafts, upcycled designs, bath and body products, glassworks, specialty foods, fashion products and more.



With These Hands


3041 Sask Drive

Regina, SK  S4T 1H5